Kimberleigh Roseblade

Kimberleigh Roseblade is a Fiorist with a flair who has been teaching locally since 2011 and internationally since 2014. Kimberleigh currently lives in Toronto, Ontario where they hold the rank of Scholar at the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts where they teach and train through the space AEMMA shares with the Fighting Arts Collective of Toronto. Kimberleigh truly believes that to be a good fencer, one must look at the art as a holistic system, which is why they have been going back to the basics of Fiore. As of late Kimberley has been focusing on Abrazare and Dagger, and how these foundations are essential to understanding Fiore’s sword in two hands, and other weapons within Armizare. Kimberleigh is never sure how far people get when reading HEMA instructor bios, but they figure it won’t hurt to add that they love scotch that tastes like you’re having an autumn campfire by the ocean – in case anyone ever wants to buy them a drink.

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